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Our Story


As a registered ER nurse, I saw many injuries associated with formula feeding – from thermal burns to electrolyte imbalances to seizures. I told myself when I’m a mom, I will definitely breastfeed my babies. I believed then, as I still believe today, that “breast is best.” But every so often, life throws you a curveball. As fate would have it, both of my children were born with medical conditions that prevented them from breastfeeding. As a result, formula was their only option. Like so many parents, I found the process to be complicated and aggravating.

One bottle-making session at 3 am changed everything. Exhausted and holding my hungry and crying daughter in one arm and struggling to make a bottle with the other arm (sound familiar?), I glanced at my coffee maker and it dawned on me. Why could I have a cup of coffee in less than a minute while my baby had to wait fifteen minutes for her bottle to be just right? In that moment, the idea for Baby Barista was born, and simplifying the formula feeding experience has since become my life’s mission.

It has taken many years of diligence and dedication to invent the Baby Barista formula maker. The machine conveniently automates the preparation of one bottle, but we realize that the formula experience extends well beyond making bottles. With this in mind, we are on a mission to simplify the entire formula experience – from making bottles to tracking feedings to managing feeding supplies, and so much more.

Our mission is clear – Parenting is hard enough, formula should be simple. My hope is that Baby Barista helps your family gain more precious moments together.

With love,

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